The CLP was launched by the creation of a network of initial collaborators.  This network is working on the theory-based design, development, use and evaluation of materials and approaches that can be coordinated into a program for extracurricular and classroom environmental chemistry education that increases student understanding, informs community action, and provides access to knowledge for underserved communities.  The piloting of the curricula and pedagogies in various community, afterschool, continuing education, or traditional school settings, and the on-going refinement and expansion of the program through a network of contributing and benefiting community and academic groups is underway. The network is working on publications of the CLP literature review, papers detailing the 1-year environmental chemistry course that was outlined, and articles examining the data collected during the first wave of CLP piloting. Check the calendar page for details on key events.

Please contact the CLP to learn how you can contribute to the projects. Contact the CLP or check back here for future updates on CLP chemistry research projects and CLP community action projects.




Contact the CLP phone:  510 594 7491 • email:
Chemistry Literacy Project  c/o Sheryl Mebane • 3791 Shafter Ave, Apt. 3, Oakland, CA 94609