Mission Statement

The Chemistry Literacy Project, an environmental chemistry education, research and action project, advances the field of chemistry education and the work of groups and individuals working for environmental justice.  The project engages diverse learners in deepening their chemical knowledge and in using that insight to improve their lives.  Synthesizing advancements from three fields (action research, chemistry education research and research on social inequities), the project includes the creation and maintenance of a network of students, educators, researchers and community members who can contribute to and benefit from the project.    

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Sheryl Mebane
Former Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California at Berkeley
CLP Founder











Contact the CLP phone:  510 594 7491 • email: shddrum@yahoo.com
Chemistry Literacy Project  c/o Sheryl Mebane • 3791 Shafter Ave, Apt. 3, Oakland, CA 94609